We are a non-profit, no donation Icecast2 Streaming station 24/7 from a Raspberry Pi 3 based in New Hampshire. This was built as a hobby that we decided to go public with. The station features various music from the Chillstep/Ambient/Trap genre.

We also have a chat room up on IRC. You can download mIRC at http://www.mirc.com or use hexchat: https://hexchat.github.io/

Server name is freenode: irc.freenode.net
Chatroom is called: #LFOD

Currently we have a bot up that announces now playing songs and it tweets the currently playing song every 30 minutes @LFOD_Radio https://twitter.com/LFOD_Radio

If there are any other artists or songs that you would like to see added to the station, please mention it in our chatroom channel.